Become a Fashion player

Access collaborations very easily, whether you are influencer, model, stylist, photographer, or make-up artist… Indeed, IDOLWEAR is aimed at all independent players in the fashion sector. Members of our community can be approached by prestigious brands, for one-shot or long-term missions. We support you in backup and you receive your remuneration in a clear and completely secure way! We tell you everything …

A simple and complete solution

Choose your collaborations

From the creation of your account and the listing of your services, you may be directly contacted by brands. It is then up to you to accept, refuse or negotiate the mission, according to your schedule, your rates and your desires.

Free up your time

As soon as a collaboration is validated, a payment link accompanied by the invoice is automatically sent to the customer. Also, you no longer waste time making quotes, invoices, or even relaunching payments.

Experts at your side

We will always be at your side, whether it is to provide you with good tips from our community, or to personally support you in the development of your activities.

For all fashion activities

An ultra-profitable solution

Completely free access

IDOLWEAR is a “freemium” solution! Thus, there is no registration fee or accommodation. IDOLWEAR is remunerated by taking a commission on collaborations paid on its platform. And if a collaboration were to be canceled, our commission would be too!

Negotiate your services directly

On IDOLWEAR, you can offer the prices you want, whether you are initiating a collaboration or not. Thus, we do not impose any constraints and are at your side so that the customers requesting you, correspond to your criteria.

Secure Payments

As soon as a collaboration is validated, the client undertakes to remunerate you. Also, he is invited to make the payment via the MangoPay solution. You can thus see the provision on your electronic wallet and carry out the mission serenely.

Join us like Lauris

The simple steps to monetize your services

1. Open your space for free

It only takes a minute! Then you create your electronic wallet and you’re done.

2. Access collaborations

You can be contacted directly via the platform, but also invite any customer on your profile.

3. Trade live

The quote validation system allows you to control the content of a collaboration and its price yourself.


4. Pocket your income

Your salaries appear on your electronic wallet, directly linked to your bank account.

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