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IDOLWEAR is first and foremost the story of fashion and digital enthusiasts. Thus, we have designed IDOLWEAR as a platform allowing the meeting of all those who like and make trends. Launched in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, IDOLWEAR aims to promote designers and artisans in the sector, by providing them with the latest technological and marketing innovations.

On the other hand, we also wanted to offer Instagramers and other bloggers a way to easily monetize their notoriety so that they continue to inspire us.

Thus IDOLWEAR allows the fusion of all these expectations, and exceeds them with a universe of its own. We hope you will enjoy our vision of fashion, and that we will have a great adventure together. 🤠

The name « IDOLWEAR » ideally sums up our concept. Thus, the term “Idol-” generically represents all those who inspire us, notably models and fashion prints. Today we also use the term influencers, in other words these active people and very followed on social networks. But it also refers to a whole iconographic universe conducive to dreams, that of film actors, J-Pop singers… 🎤

The term « -wear » refers to the fashion side of our solution. Indeed, fashion is inseparable from the world of influencers and models. We wanted to make this meeting possible in the best possible way, by giving more or less renowned creators access to the best ambassadors of our time.

Our solution is totally freemium, both for members and for customers. Thus, we do not ask for opening fees or accommodation. On the contrary, it is we who provide fair remuneration to the members of our community. 👛

IDOLWEAR thus presents itself as a business provider and creator of opportunities. In summary, we retain a commission on the collaborations generated thanks to our web solution.

In this our concept is a real novelty. We are shaking up old practices where brands had to pay only nebulous costs, without being sure of the impact of their campaign.

IDOLWEAR has developed a matching solution, allowing brands and service providers to meet. Customers offer their missions and members can respond to them. The initiative for collaborations can come from both parties. Our web solution thus automates and facilitates these interactions. 

An estimate system with valdiation materializes automatically in the online spaces. Then, as soon as a collaboration is accepted, a payment link with invoice is immediately sent to the customer. 👍

If you are a designer or a fashion brand, we invite you to Contact us, to ensure that your universe coincides with ours. 💌

We will explain in detail how we work and in particular the mechanism for validating a collaboration. If this still suits you, it will suffice to send us your project, as well as the classic elements of compliance.

The creation and uploading of your space are completely free. Our members will be able to make proposals to you themselves without incurring any cost. The latter, like ourselves, are paid according to the collaborations carried out. 👏

Customers can also initiate a collaboration and choose a specific text to relay, a particular format and a publication date. These requests are then priced directly by the member.

At IDOLWEAR we believe that anyone can become a member and promote their services. If you want to register as an influencer, you just need to be inspiring to your community, regardless of its size. On the other hand, to present yourself as a model, this can only be done in France through an official agency.

If you are a professional in another sector: photography, make-up, hairdressing, styling,… all you have to do is send us the compliance elements corresponding to your status.

Be careful, however, to respect the regulations in commercial matters. Indeed, as soon as the remuneration becomes substantial, it is advisable to refer to us as a professional, for example by creating a status self-employed. 📝

On IDOLWEAR, our members are independent professionals offering their prices as they wish. Then, each collaboration is negotiated on a case-by-case basis with the client. As soon as a collaboration is validated, the customer is invited to pay directly on the platform. 💰

We use a secure payment solution, directly linked to our members’ bank accounts. Also, you are sure to receive your compensation.

Your rates are never indicated on the site, but only a range in order to achieve the best possible matching with customers, while leaving you the possibility of negotiation.

IDOLWEAR lists fashion brands on its website, some of which are very prestigious. Most of them approach members directly, or publish missions in a space accessible to profiles corresponding to their criteria.

In this case, you can respond to the ad indicating your services and pricing. The customer is then free to validate, refuse or make a counterproposal to you.

As part of an influencer service, you can also mention an address for receiving an article so that the brand can send it to you for free 👌

IDOLWEAR is remunerated exclusively as a business provider. Thus, in exchange for our services, we retain a commission on sales between 5% and 15% net of the price of the collaboration supported by the member.

Then, if the collaboration needs to be canceled, we also cancel our commission. Our solution is therefore totally freemium.

IDOLWEAR wants to bring an ideal experience to its community. We can also provide personalized support on request to our clients in setting up a global management strategy for their freelancers.

Indeed, our experts master the different cogs of the fashion and marketing sector. They can take on complex subjects, such as setting up an influence campaign, organizing an event, or launching a collection. 😊

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