Support new trends

The codes of fashion and marketing have changed profoundly in recent years. Indeed, we are all deeply influenced by the publications, recommendations and other opinions published on the networks. It was therefore necessary to respond to these developments, in particular by helping fashion players to follow trends. Our desire is therefore to support them with innovative digital tools.

A platform bringing together fashion enthusiasts

It all started in 2016! Éva, a student friend at ESMOD Paris, shared with us her desire to promote its services on the web: she made fabric pouches and bags. Only she wanted to test her idea first before embarking on a complex web solution. Of course, there were profile sites, but none were completely free, let alone fashion oriented.

This is where the idea started! Because in talking with other fashion lovers, we realized that many were those like Eva wishing share their creations and discoveries, but not wanting to burden yourself with an e-commerce site that is difficult to finance and manage.

The boom in social networks

Then the phenomenon of influencers began to gain momentum. Also, it became obvious that Bloggers and other Instagramers should also be allowed to monetize their audience other than by simply sponsoring.

Thus, we wanted to support influencers to find collaborations that correspond to them. Brands should also pay more fairly those promoting their articles. 

Also we launched IDOLWEAR

IDOLWEAR is a platform bringing together women and men who love and who make fashion. We wanted to offer useful support to everyone, whether you are an established brand, or you envision fashion as an accessory, or even as a simple supplement to income.

We also wanted IDOLWEAR to be a medium where everyone can bring their world and enrich themselves with that of others. We hope that you will find inspiration on our site that will allow you to easily monetize your passion.

The IDOLWEAR team.