Distribution B2B

Our Chinese company ADORE located in Beijing with a capital of 500,000 Yuan, benefits from the status of importer. Also, we regularly buy European products in order to distribute them on the Chinese market.

Then, we resell these products through various online and offline channels. For example :

  • influencer sales on Douyin (TikTok), Kuaishou or Little Red Book
  • sales in stores or other physical networks

We can also connect our customers directly with distributors thanks to our large network: commercial spaces, SKP, retail chains… We benefit in particular from partnerships with the duty free spaces of Tianjing, Nanjing and Wuhan.

We also oversee logistics with our transport partners and optimize shipping solutions. Then, we have bonded warehouses to receive the products and take care of customer orders ourselves.

Finally, if necessary, we register the products with customs, whether for the crossborder or Mainland model.

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Politique de livraison

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