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Why go to China

A vast market

China is the world’s largest e-commerce space and alone accounts for 40% of the cross-border e-commerce market. This Chinese market now exceeds 2 billion dollars, or 3 times that of the US.

In the Middle Kingdom everything goes through smartphones, since 60% of BtoC online sales are made via mobile on the main marketplaces, in particular Alibaba and JD.Com (see below) which are waging a merciless war.

For European brands, it is therefore an essential axis for developing in a market which should represent half of global sales of luxury products by 2025 and to attract hundreds of millions of young consumers.

Millenials and GenZ

According to China Internet Watch, 85% of e-shoppers in China are between the ages of 16 and 35. These generations are more imbued with Western culture than the previous ones. Many of them have traveled or studied outside their country.

This openness to the world has led to a thirst for international brands and high-end products, which is met by a general increase in purchasing power.

Billion $

Alibaba annual business volume


Number of Chinese Internet users

% of the market

Global e-commerce

A complex market to tackle

Cultural specificities

One of the peculiarities of the Chinese consumer lies in his attraction to novelty, and therefore a low loyalty rate. He is also more and more demanding on quality and seeks to live new experiences.

Fashion trends are also very different, and the item that will appeal in Europe will not necessarily appeal in China. This is why we must present the collections in Chinese references, including a photo shoot and an influencer campaign adapted.

Indeed, the Chinese youth having grown up with Internet, underwent a constant hype of publicity. Also, they have learned to turn a deaf ear to most traditional advertising and rely mainly on targeted recommendation.

Unique social media


WeChat is the 1st Chinese social network with more than 1.1 billion users who can both have fun and buy online, especially through Wechat mini-programs.

Douyin (TikTok)

Unlike the western TikTok version, the Chinese platform integrates e-commerce functionalities allowing the purchase of articles broadcast during Livestreams.


Kuaishou also allows the sharing of Livestreams videos and thus competes with Douyin, thanks to its connections with the sales platforms Taobao, Pinduoduo and

Sina Weibo

This microblogging app allows you to associate your brand with Chinese opinion leaders. It is therefore a necessity if we want to make ourselves known in China.


Little Red Book allows buyers to discover new products, share their opinions and exchange tutorials and tips.

Essential platforms

Protective legislation

China protects its domestic market and requires, for example, that any company that advertises in China has a license. On the other hand, the products must necessarily be stored on site, because the Chinese consumer expects delivery times of a few days, and not a few weeks.

Also, most brands prefer to bypass this requirement by working with a business partner who can distribute their products through their online store on TMall or JD. It is in particular this service that we provide to our customers with IDOLWEAR.

Example of social selling :

As of October 2020, Weiya sold around $ 49.7 million worth of products in a single day.

This influencer has 5 million subscribers on Weibo, 12 million on Weitao (Taobao) and 550,000 on Little Red Book.

Currently, Weiya averages a total transaction value of 66 million CNY (or 8.6 million euros) in one hour!

Livestream service

IDOLWEAR enjoys a foothold in the People’s Republic, as well as Chinese marketing experts, allowing us to provide a global offer to our customers. Thus, we take care of the logistics as well as the marketing part.

Business Case for your brand :

Sales management

IDOLWEAR allows you to conquer the Chinese e-commerce market without having to set up a structure in China or hold a license. The products simply need to be registered with customs for the cross-border model.

Thus, our logistician collects your products directly in China in order to transport them to our storage place in the duty-free zone in Wuhan. Then we take care of each step:

Items validated together will be offered for sale on Chinese platforms at least at the same prices as on your website. We carry out precise descriptions by providing specific mentions to Chinese expectations. We also manage the quantities.

Finally, we adapt the sizes according to the standards and help you if you want to accompany the article with a message in Mandarin or Cantonese.

Regarding photo supports, we can advise you in optimized shootings if they do not correspond to Chinese canons.

As soon as a sale is noted, we ourselves send the order to the private customer, directly from China, in order to keep the deadlines as short as possible. Indeed, we have secure bonded warehouses, particularly in Wuhan (central China), made available to you free of charge.

Besides, if a buyer was forced to pay an unforeseen tax, especially customs, we will take care of the compensation ourselves. These costs are then deducted from you at no additional cost.

Our dedicated experts are native Chinese and can therefore provide information to buyers directly in their language. We are therefore committed to answering all questions without delay.

In the event of a return of unsold inventory, the items are taken care of by our Chinese logistician and we oversee the refund or exchange for the buyer.

We monitor the quantities daily and as soon as they dry up, you will receive a notification to ensure restocking. Thanks to our network, we further optimize these shipping costs.

If stocks are momentarily at zero, then we make the products unavailable until new parts are received.

You also have access to social account back-offices to monitor sales.

Chinese applications allow receiving payments in Yuan, including Alipay.

Then you collect the money directly into a bank account with no fees, and you pay us for success at the end of the marketing campaign.

Moreover, we can engage in Livestream sales with guaranteed ROI.

In short, we select with you the articles with the best chance of working in China. Then you send the stocks as and when sales thanks to our logistician at negotiated costs.

The articles are stored in the duty-free zone. We take care of sales management and after-sales service. Then every month you receive the fruits of your sales effortlessly and securely.

Last advantage: foreign brands carrying out exports are not or only slightly subject to VAT.

Targeted Marketing

As soon as a campaign is launched, our teams work with you to select the parts for your catalog. Then, we adapt the communication media and then launch the campaign with the Chinese “Key Opinion Leaders” (KOL) chosen according to your budget and your expectations. Sales are mainly made via Livestreaming on social platforms.

In China, influencer social media works with a credit system. Thus, you choose the talents who will broadcast your image, as well as the corresponding formats.

Advantageous pricing

Our completely flexible service offer allows you to get started quickly and without risk in China (no need for premises or staff on site). So we work for success and offer a guaranteed Return on Investment.

Regarding sales

You send inventory as it is sold. Your products are marketed at least at the same price in China as in your country of residence. Then you receive the results of your sales every month directly into your bank account and free of charge.

Note that items sent to China and received in our duty-free storage area are not or only slightly subject to VAT.

Then we are remunerated with success fees between 5% and 30% of sales from the 1st Euro exceeding the guaranteed amount.

Regarding marketing

Marketing services are provided by our experts specializing in Chinese E-commerce marketing. We take charge of your communication according to your strategy and optimizing your budget. Almost all of your budget will be used to propel your articles on Chinese social media. Below are the different services we provide:

Marketing service

Official accounts
Visibility & notoriety
  • Obtaining certified accounts
  • Animation of social networks
  • Graphic creations (photos + videos)
  • Logo + brand registration

Distribution B2B

Hard buy
Online & Offline
  • Direct purchase through our company
  • Connecting with distributors
  • Transport + logistics management
  • Registration with customs


E-commerce 3.0
Cross-border model
  • Official Accounts Livestream
  • On Douyin, Kuaishou & Red Book
  • Live influencer sales
  • Festivals and special sales

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