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When we designed IDOLWEAR, we wanted to offer everyone a different way to experience their love of trends and ready-to-wear, while meeting the new expectations of Fashion Tech.

Thus, we said to ourselves that we had to quickly offer an original framework to designers so that they could promote their collections through the most renowned influencers and models. But contrary to what was done, we wanted to avoid them spending money, without being sure of their return on investment.

It also had to be possible to remunerate fashion icons more fairly. Thus, it became essential to involve them in the composition of their “digital wardrobe”. In fact, influencers were no longer mere advertisers, but talent scouts and the springboard for brands. Above all, we wanted to offer them a new link with their community, by providing them with a new medium from which to draw their inspiration.

We were also convinced that everyone could develop their talents and that it was enough to be passionate. Thus, everyone should benefit from an online profile adapted to their desires and ambition, in order to offer their services. Thus, we could not design a platform that is not welcoming and open to the greatest number.

Finally, the big brands should also find their way there, by continuing to draw inspiration from all the fashion players, but above all by taking advantage of a direct and secure purchasing process.

IDOLWEAR therefore operates the right balance between all these actors, and also offers a unique and fair universe. We are convinced that France remains the country of reference in the field of fashion. New designers are constantly emerging, innovating and shaping the future of French elegance. We want as much as possible to help them grow and that some even become the leaders of tomorrow.

The IDOLWEAR team.

Anthony, CEO

Romain, CTO

Juliette, CMO

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